Wastewater Section

Our primary mission is to preserve our water quality. To accomplish this, our skilled specialists continually monitor this process; as well as, the quality of the final effluent. Once the treated wastewater reaches the ocean, we continue monitoring to safeguard this vital resource. Our staff takes great pride in maintaining our critical wastewater system, and operating the Oxnard Wastewater Treatment Plant (OWTP) to the highest standards.

Location: 6001 South Perkins Road
Oxnard, California 93033
Phone: (805) 488-3517
Fax: (805) 488-2036

Other Important Phone Numbers:
Stormwater Management Program: (805) 271-2220
Hazardous Waste Disposal: (805) 339-4005
Recycling: (805) 278-8200

For further information:
Water Resources Division

(805) 488-3517

Last Updated: May 15 2012
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