Things You Can Do

Ten Things You Can Do to Prevent Graffiti

Don’t spread Graffiti, REPORT IT! Help keep our neighborhoods graffiti free. Graffiti Hurts Everyone!
Call the City Of Oxnard Graffiti Hotline 385-8010

  1. Get educated! Learn about graffiti, and how it impacts your community.
  2. Report graffiti to the GAP Hotline (805) 385-8010, and the Oxnard Police Department (805) 385-7600.
  3. Partner with the City of Oxnard to organize a "paint-out" in your neighborhood to remove graffiti.
  4. Remove graffiti within 24-48 hours of its appearance.
  5. Ask the City of Oxnard for a Graffiti Action Kit (GAK) and coordinate a graffiti awareness campaign in your neighborhood.
  6. "Adopt a Wall" in the community or your neighborhood and make sure it stays clean and free of graffiti.
  7. Plant trees or other greenery near a graffiti plagued wall. This will help prevent access.
  8. Install lighting in areas that are dark and often hit with graffiti. Pick up trash and keep your neighborhood clean.
  9. Make a difference! Join other residents and the City of Oxnard and become a Graffiti Task Force Volunteer. Call the Graffiti Hotline to find out how.
  10. Go to the Nationl anti-graffiti website at [] to learn more about what other communities are doing to keep their communities clean.

Graffiti Action Kits (G.A.K.)

Your G.A.K. provides the basic tools necessary to help safely remove graffiti in your neighborhood. Safety gear, like goggles and latex gloves, should be worn when using graffiti removal chemicals. Please read all product safety instructions before using any materials in your G.A.K. bucket.

The Graffiti Removal Towel Wipes work best to remove markings on aluminum siding, glass, stainless steel, ceramic tile, and traffic signs.

The Graffiti Removal Spray should be used with a rag or brush, to clean bathroom walls and stall, metal surfaces, and some rough surfaces such as brick and concrete.

Sometimes, removal efforts can leave surfaces looking as bad - or worse - than before removal. We recommend testing a small area first.

Personal Safety When Using G.A.K. Kits

  • Read packaging carefully before handling chemicals.
  • Wear rubber or latex gloves, and proper clothing and shoes (no sandals). Skin protection is always needed. Solvent-based graffiti removers have de-fatting properties that may cause dermatitis.
  • Wear safety goggles when using chemicals or when working on any overhead surface. To prevent inhalation of vapors, wear a respirator mask.
  • Follow product storage instructions carefully.
  • Store chemicals away from heat and flames.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Watch for traffic. Use care when climbing around fences, buildings, etc.
  • Do not remove graffiti after dark.
  • Do not confront graffiti vandals. Call 9-1-1 to report graffiti in progress. Residents who have information that may aid in the arrest of a graffiti vandal can call Crime Stoppers at 385-8255, where anonymous tips may result in rewards of up to $1000.


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Last Updated: Oct 30 2012